The old Wodonga Railway Station was opened in November 1873 and remained one of Victoria’s largest and busiest stations until 2010. With the station relocated to a new site, the old station has now been transformed into the hospitality hub of Wodonga.


Station 73 at Junction place is the exciting development brought to you by the Central Place Developments.

Station 73 is poised to be the unique and exhilarating central activity hub of the Wodonga’s CBD. We will bring to you a new mix of entertainment, boutique and retail, cafés and restaurant’s to tantilise and delight everyone with activity every day and night.

This development will create a diversity of great places to work, live and play, with a mix of retail, commercial, entertainment, hospitality, community, accommodation and residential opportunities. Station 73 will be the new balanced mixed-use heart of Wodonga, a never seen before opportunity for our region to utilize the best of our local talent, resources and showcase the produce and talent we have to offer.

Station 73 will offer dynamic opportunities in so many ways, so be a part of it today whether its work, live or play!

We’d really love to hear from you. So why not drop us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

For Enquiries: Contact the Station 73 Team on
Ph: 1800 842 018
Ph: 0408 413 488