“Station 73” is located at the former Wodonga Railway Station utilizing the reclaimed land and buildings on the historical site. The development establishes a welcoming, community oriented, articulated, green and vibrant development that is exciting and has features of interest around every corner and that is pedestrian and bicycle friendly. The precinct constitutes a large and locationally significant land area within the Central Business Area of Wodonga and is fundamental to future growth and development of the city. The Masterplan for the development has been designed to interact and incorporate the existing features of central Wodonga as it is today. Capitalising on this, as per the retail and hospitality prospectus, there will be significant population growth ahead to utilize the precinct. The re-development of the site creates opportunities for new styles of market shopping and unique ventures that Albury Wodonga does not adequately support. There is a growing market in Wodonga for more varied and experiential dining options creating an opportunity for a complete new range of hospitality food premises. With a strong focus on families, the ‘Station 73’ Precinct provides both locals and tourists a relaxed ambiance to enjoy.